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Please retweet to your friends,help us become stronger! • ^ Shoemaker, Natalie (3 May 2016). "Which countries are accessing Sci-Hub, created by Alexandra Elbakyan?". Big Think. Archived from the original on 28 August 2016 . Retrieved 23 August 2016. World War II: Allied forces recaptured Manila, Philippines Manila, Philippines, in the aftermath of its recapture by Allied forces in early 1945. U.S. Navy • Video Gallery Según publicaba hace unas semanas The Washington Post, la 'Robin Hood de la ciencia', como llamaron algunos a Elbakyan, está siendo investigada por el Departamento de Justicia de los EE.UU. por actos de espionaje: sostienen la tesis de que trabaja en colaboración con miembros de los servicios de inteligencia rusos para robar investigaciones confidenciales y secretos militares de las universidades estadounidenses. • 2.3 Usage and content statistics • Hard Sun (2018) Sci-Hub and Elbakyan were sued twice for copyright infringement in the United States in 2015 and 2017, and lost both cases, leading to loss of some of its Internet domain names. [6] The site has cycled through different domain names [a] since then. [2] • Hemianopsia (182)

Le manque de vigilance de certains salariés peut exposer les entreprises à des risques de cyberattaques. • Despeja la X • NASUWT Gibraltar а вот какого-то «запрета называть своим именем открытие» — не помню… • DEF CON 27 • October 2018 Space Exploration Registration In the moment after June is shot, when she pulls the gun from her boot and aims it at the Guardian’s head, directing him to radio his unit with an “all clear,” I thought she’d been faking the gunshot wound, that it had missed her and she’d used the opportunity to her advantage. But then, after she blows his head off and stays on the ground, watching the plane soar off overhead, it slowly sank in that the wound was real. June isn’t going anywhere. [102] Estos son los resultados de un análisis de 43 genomas de 3 cepas de SARS-CoV-2 It does not make sense that research which is carried out under the auspices of 'adding to human knowledge' is absurdly and counter-intuitively packaged and sold for the profits of... anonymous publishing companies, benefitting neither the researcher, nor the reader, nor the universities, nor the students... It is, overall, an enjoyable and relaxing way to learn English without any stress whatsoever. People get frustrated when they choose books that go above their reading levels. By choosing your first English books wisely, you should have a very positive experience. One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Series (2) • Mobile Apps • Industries pharmaceutiques et biopharmaceutiques

• Figures and data Obras notables • Image sharing • Tu Energía Cuenta ( • Pharmacological (207) • certificate Graduate Certificate in University Teaching

Each article in Crossref’s database is assigned a type. Figure 2 shows coverage by article type. The scholarly literature consisted primarily of journal articles, for which Sci-Hub had 77.8% coverage. Sci-Hub’s coverage was also strong for the 5 million proceedings articles at 79.7%. Overall coverage suffered from the 10 million book chapters, where coverage was poor (14.2%). The remaining Crossref types were uncommon, and hence contributed little to overall coverage. Chevron-right • EZ Streets (1997) WHO WE ARE We’re data lovers. Education leaders. Strategy creators. The Study and Learning drop-in service has moved online. Our academic skills advisers can help you with academic writing or library research (including referencing), you can also get help with maths and stats. The service is available on weekday afternoons. • 5.5 Melbourne University Sport • Freenet If your country blocks the website, use one of the many free general purpose proxies. I tested for the purpose of writing this article and it works fine for Sci-hub using the Netherlands exit. 2. Go to the journal publisher’s website • July 2019 • - sports • Peercasting Parody of " He Thinks He'll Keep Her" by Mary Chapin Carpenter • March 2018 • April 2013 Any of the above links should work to access schihub. In the worst case you can also use Library Genesis ( to access papers. More evidence collected shows that credentials that get into Sci-Hub’s hands are subsequently shared widely. How do we know? We caught them. When a particular set of credentials had been stolen and used first by Sci-Hub, the password was reset. For a short period afterward, the stolen credentials were monitored. The log file analysis revealed that there were 302 further attempts to access the site using the stolen credentials. The access points came from 12 countries including the United States, China, Thailand and Hong Kong. You are right, sorry. Here's the link for Austria: During "the time before", June was married to Luke and had a daughter, Hannah. At the beginning of the story, while attempting to flee Gilead with her husband and daughter, June was captured and forced to become a Handmaid because of the adultery she and her husband committed. June's daughter was taken and given to an upper-class family to raise, and her husband escaped into Canada. Much of the plot revolves around June's desire to be reunited with her husband and daughter. • Medicina y Salud Назва (24) I maintain that if you subtract state piracy in China and proxy Sci-Hub activity in Iran, the majority of Sci-Hub activity, as seen on the map linked to above, can be found amongst individual scholars in Western countries and not individuals in the developing world. It’s an unsubstantiated claim, backed up by evidence such as the usage map. I invite anyone to refute it. • AAPM&R – American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation • Plant Cellular Physiology But this was not the only goal of first wave feminists. Many were founders of the temperance movement, aimed at making alcohol illegal in an effort to guard against the domestic abuse (and many other problems) suffered by women at the hands of alcoholic husbands and boyfriends. At this point, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Sci-Hub has been taken over by Russian intelligence / mafia (they’re the same thing) — they’ve been in the news a fair bit recently, for those who haven’t noticed. They have the technical capabilities to continue and expand the activities begun by Sci-Hub’s founder, who has now taken refuge in Russia. It’s inconceivable that she has not been “approached” by Russian intelligence and “persuaded” to hand over control of the operation. They have every interest in seeing Sci-Hub grow and succeed in destabilizing everything it touches while they perfect their techniques and exp[and their field of operations. All the pseudo-social justice sheep in the academy — I write this as someone who considers himself pretty far to the left — are no better than the people spreading Russian propaganda on social media. If you live in the developing world there are real issues of access to knowledge which we all need to address. Most Sci-Hub users, however, are Western academics with the best libraries in the world at their disposal who are using and promoting Sci-Hub as a pseudo-revolutionary lark, as they seemingly can’t find any real problems in the world to try to help fix. """ • Media Kit Over a million learners find what they are looking for here every month. Make the most of the learning process with our tips, tricks, and tools. Click the button below if you're not quite sure where to begin: • Services d’entreprise This post aims to redress the balance by presenting a (UK) librarian perspective on Sci-Hub and demonstrating that the solution to the journals crisis (a term used since the early 1980s, so these issues are longstanding) is not in the gift of librarians but of the academic community. It is very easy to forget that libraries are a service industry and our customer base is formed of the institutions we work in and the staff and students who are our patrons. So, what is Sci-Hub? Es una pregunta retórica. Ya lo sé. Science • Tim Berners-Lee • Superman II (1981) Coronavirus Là một nhà nghiên cứu “quèn” mới chập chững bước vào việc nghiên cứu khoa học, mỗi khi tra cứu tài liệu, tôi tuyệt đối không thể không cảm ơn Sci-hub, dù tôi biết đó là một sản phẩm xét về mặt pháp lý chính thống ít nhiều có sự vi phạm bản quyền, nhưng nếu không nhờ Sci-hub, không chỉ tôi mà hàng ngàn người làm nghiên cứu khác khó có thể có được những kiến thức sâu sắc về một vấn đề cần sự đào sâu bằng hàng chục đến hàng trăm bài báo, trong khi ví dụ đơn cử trên trang, một bài báo chỉ được save với giá 38$, tương đương hơn 800k một bài, vậy có lẽ khoa học chỉ có thể được thực hiện khi có thật nhiều tiền…?! • Peercasting • February 2013 Robert Macfarlane Ness Експортувати бібліографічний опис • 1 History We find strong evidence that Sci-Hub is primarily used to circumvent paywalls. In particular, users accessed articles from toll access journals much more frequently than open access journals. Additionally, within toll access journals, Sci-Hub provided higher coverage of articles in the closed and green categories (paywalled by the publisher) as opposed to the hybrid and bronze categories (available gratis from the publisher). Accordingly, many users likely only resort to Sci-Hub when access through a commercial database is cumbersome or costly. Finally, we observed evidence that Sci-Hub’s primary operational focus is circumventing paywalls rather than compiling all literature, as archiving was deactivated in 2015 for several journals that exemplify openness. Attesting to its success in this mission, Sci-Hub’s database already contains more toll access articles than are immediately accessible via the University of Pennsylvania, a leading research university. • Contact us • The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum (1975) Names of the characters (except for Shoto) September 22, 1995 Sci-Hub has cycled through domain names, some of which have been blocked by domain registry operators. [2] Sci-Hub remained reachable via alternative domains such as .io, [2] then .cc, and .bz. [15] Sci-Hub has also been accessible at times by directly entering the IP address, or through a .onion Tor Hidden Service. [16] [17] United States [ edit ] It may perhaps come as a surprise that one can fit a polynomial curve to data points using linear regression. The trick is to add new explanatory variables to the model. Below we have a single feature x with associated y values given by third degree polynomial, with some (gaussian) noise added. It is clear from the below plot that we cannot explain the data well with a linear function. We add two new features: \(x^2\) and \(x^3\). Now the model has three explanatory variables, Pseb 10th Result 2019 Website Dedicated to funding and disseminating research on how consciousness arises in human beings So by design, Sci-Hub’s content is driven by what scholars seek. The January paper in The Astronomical Journal describing a possible new planet on the outskirts of our solar system? The 2015 Nature paper describing oxygen on comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko? The paper in which a team genetically engineered HIV resistance into human embryos with the CRISPR method, published a month ago in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics? Sci-Hub has them all. Buy Online qualities and was full of Chevron-right 9. • Chip ARM propio de Apple: Nuevos rumores de Bloomberg apuntan al adiós de Intel • Sắc ký cột- lựa chọn dung môi sắc ký cột Подяка • The legal campaigns against Sci-Hub have made the site more well-known than most repositories, and Elbakyan more famous than legal Open Access champions • Presentation1 by Faharmaine 1175 views 4. 5 simple novels for you to read in English • Unlimited streaming • Directo al Paladar México Science Of Mind.Org • Education Leaders .